Purchasing luxury carpet from manufacturers such as Beaulieu or Shaw can be an expensive investment. And while these products are among the best in the industry, they still require additional protection in order to prolong the lifespan of the product.

When you buy carpet from any store or manufacturer, the price does not include carpet padding. Since you've already spent a considerable amount of money on the carpet, chances are you may not want to make an additional investment. However, there are many reasons why you should consider adding carpet padding to your order.

Why Invest in Carpet Padding?

Constant wear on your carpet can compromise its comfort and beauty. After the initial installation, you'll notice your carpet is full, almost feathery. But after months and years of absorbing pressure from a constant flow of foot traffic, your carpet will begin to deflate. Eventually you'll notice the lack of cushion in the carpet. Meanwhile, the appearance of the carpet will also begin to degrade.

But comfort and beauty aren't the only two reasons to invest in carpet padding. Padding can also absorb sound. If you're looking to carpet a nursery or doctor's office, carpet padding can offer an element of sound insulation between floors. Without padding, footsteps are amplified. What's more, carpet padding can also contain heat. In the winter months, preserving heat is multipurpose--first it can add comfort to any room. Secondly, it can eliminate some of the costs involved in heating your home or place of business. The moral--while carpet padding will add to the cost of your new carpet, its benefits are well worth the cost. To learn more about carpet padding, or to place your order, call Mountain Valley Carpet, Inc. at 800-504-0706.