Shaw produces more than 600 million square yards of carpet every single year. Many of those yards are branded under the name Queen Carpet. Queen Carpet shares Shaw's impressive reputation of performance and innovation. But before purchasing Queen Carpet, it is imperative you understand the rating process.

How Does Queen Carpet Measure Up?

Each Queen Carpet product is labeled with a performance rating. The rating ranges from one to five and represents the carpet's performance ability. This rating system was created to simplify the customer's selection process. For carpets that earn a four or above, the product is guaranteed to withstand even the most demanding traffic. Products ranging below two are recommended for light-traffic rooms such as formal living rooms or bedrooms. The performance rating program is based on the manufacturer's rigorous quality control testing. Three factors determine the final ranking: density, face weight and twist. Before investing in Queen Carpet, ask a knowledgeable expert about which product is right for you.

In addition to this comprehensive rating system, Queen Carpet products feature three additional elements unique to Shaw flooring. The R2X is an innovative soil and stain repellant system developed by Shaw and found in Queen Carpet products. SoftBac is a flexible carpet backing. And, EverTouch is a soft yet extremely durable fiber that has helped Shaw coin the phrase "touching is believing."

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