Ever dreamed of installing hardwood floors in your own home? What if you could do it without professional supervision, installation equipment or adhesive? Quick Step floors is a revolutionary flooring solution that enables homeowners to achieve the beauty of natural hardwoods and ceramics with incredible convenience and affordability.

Do-It-Yourself Quick Step Floors

Quick Step Floors is a division of Unlin, a Belgian-based business specializing in wood and laminate panels and flooring. Unlin first launched the Uniclic System in Europe before its popularity spread to the U.S. The Uniclic System brought a new level of innovation to flooring. Instead of fussing with glue-laminated flooring, Quick Step floors simply snap into place. Using a simple groove and tongue system, you can assemble your own designer hardwood floors in half the time it would take to have conventional hardwoods installed.

Quick Step floors come in a variety of finishes including Beech-Birch, Maple-Pine, Cherry, Pearwood and Walnut. Ceramic tiles and natural stone are also available in the Uniclic System. Quick Step Floors also feature varying colored tints and visual effects, allowing you to create a unique look for your home or place of business. Choose from five different Quick Step collections including Quadra ceramic and stone tiles, Perspective plank floor, four-inch planks of the Elegance collection, Eligna and Classic designs.

With Quick Step floors you can have the look you've always wanted without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Not only will you save on installation, but by ordering through Mountain Valley Carpet, Inc. you'll enjoy competitive pricing. For your own estimate on Quick Step flooring call Randy Whitener at 800-504-0706.