Tuftex Carpet is a division of Shaw Industries. Tuftex brings a distinctive color strategy to the Shaw product line. As the only Shaw product manufactured on the west coast, Tuftex is uniquely Californian, offering new styles and textures to reflect today's interior decorating trends. Neutrals, sages, and taupes have been introduced to complement other flooring products such as hardwoods, laminates and ceramic tile.

Tired of the same old carpet choices? Tuftex carpet contains fresh designs and colors that differentiate these products from any other manufacturer in the industry. Friezes, shags, cables, Berbers and other innovative, modern designs are perfect for residential and commercial spaces looking for an extraordinary look. With hues like Unforgettable Charm, Belle Florentine, Silk Essence and Bel Harbor, how can you go wrong?

Trendy Tuftex Carpet

Since 1969, Tuftex has been committed to offering customers quality, value and style. The company's southern California location is large responsible for its timely trends and Hollywood-esque style. The Tuftex Color Logic strategy is keeping Tuftex among the most-wanted flooring products in the industry.

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